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Upper Subscapular Nerve

Key Points:
• Innervates solely the subscapularis muscle.
• Originates from roots C5, C6, C7.
• Subscapularis muscle is tested with the teres major as a group.
Physical examination of the upper subscapular nerve includes the motor examination of the subscapularis muscle. Specifically, the subscapularis is tested with the teres major as a group for medial rotation of the shoulder joint. Examination of the upper subscapular nerve also examines the lower subscapular nerve due to its proximity and innervation of the subscapularis.
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Summarized Examination:
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Pathological Findings:
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Clinical Relevance:
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Relevant Anatomy:
• Roots: C5, C6, C7.
• Nerve: Upper subscapular nerve.
• Muscles Innervated: Subscapularis.
• Innervation Route: C5, C6, C7 → posterior cord → lower subscapular nerve → subscapularis.