In late 2007, doctors expressed a concern about the number of servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with devastating nerve injuries. Solders’ arms, legs, and hands were severely impaired. In response, the Henry M. Jackson Foundation awarded an advancement of medical research and education grant and we have developed this open-access, educational resource.

This educational resource is currently under development with new content being added daily. Check back for updates and new advances in peripheral nerve surgery. For optimal viewing, please use your internet browser’s latest version.

The objective is to provide surgeons and other healthcare providers the information critical for treating persons with complex peripheral nerve trauma.


  • Anatomy and Physiology of nerves, including injury response and regeneration principles.
  • Evaluation and Management guidelines, including necessary details for conducting a thorough peripheral nerve physical examination, and strategies and expectations for these patients.
  • Surgical Options include nerve decompression and nerve transfers, the details of which are explained through text, illustrations, photographs, and narrated high-definition videos.
  • Case Studies provide actual examples of principles and techniques in practice, from patient presentation to follow-up.

Disclaimer: Please note that no single patient fits a template, and nothing can substitute for an individualized treatment plan based on sound medical and surgical judgement. This is a free, open-access site and represents our opinions and techniques alone. Please let us know if you have any suggestions, corrections, or other input as this is a collaborative educational website.